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Best Camping Tent Review For 2018

best camping tentsThe outdoors, without a doubt, offers a lot of fun and excitement. However, to be assured of the best outdoor experience, such as when you are camping, it is important that you have one of the best camping tents in order to provide you with the shelter and comfort that is needed even if you are away from home.

When looking for tents, there are factors that should be taken into account. For instance, you should think about the capacity. You should also be wary about the materials that are used, the design, the features, and other things that will allow you to assess the value or quality of the tent.

In the succeeding paragraphs, the different kinds of the best camping tents available in the market will be further discussed. This is with the intention of being able to provide insights, which, in the end, can aid in settling with a well-informed decision with regards to the most ideal option. 

Best 4-Season Tents 


4-Season Tents
If you are looking for tents that can be used year-round, regardless of the weather and other factors that affect external conditions, the 4-season tents will surely prove to be good options. There are different models available, including Eureka, CampingMaxx, SlumberJack, and High Peak, among others.

One of the best choices will be the Slumberjack tent. Among other things, it is known for being easy to assemble, requiring less time and effort on your part. It is also known to be sturdy, which will keep the tent in place in spite of the wind that might have blown other tents.

You can also consider the K-2 XT from Eureka. This is one of the many 4-season tents from the said manufacturer. This specific model is good for three people. It offers more than enough space for three people to move around the tent and have fun without the need to limit movements. 


Coleman Tents 


Coleman Tents
Coleman is a brand that is synonymous with outdoor fun and living. They have countless products that are meant to make it easier for you to have fun while you are out of your home. Their high quality tents are amongst them, and like all others, they are highly coveted within the marketplace.

One of the reasons on why their tents are popular is the Coleman WeatherTec System, an innovation that has been perfected by the company. With this, the tents are loaded with features that provide the highest level of protection against unfavorable weather conditions, such as in case of rain. 

The Coleman Comfort System is another reason for this brand to be the favorite of many people. This allows the provision of sufficient ventilation to keep users at ease and at their highest level of comfort, in spite of the fact that there are no air-conditioning units or fans inside. 

Wenzel Tents 


Wenzel Tents
Most of the models of the Wenzel tents are known for the protection that is provided against the rain. For instance, some models have mud mats that will make it possible for the cleanliness of the tents to be maintained. Being made from weather-repellent polyester is another good thing, giving you the confidence that you are protected while staying inside the tent. 

One of the best models that you can consider is the Wenzel Klondike. This can accommodate up to 8 people, while still providing generous amount of space for everyone to move. It is also designed with screened area that can be used for socialization or for any other purposes it may serve. 

If you are looking for a tent that will be perfect for young ones who are into camping, the ideal choice will be the Wenzel Children’s Sprout, which has a capacity of two children. This tent is just as durable and functional as other produced by the manufacturer, even if it is made for children. 


Slumberjack Tents


Slumberjack Tents
Slumberjack is another popular brand that you will be confronted with hen you are looking for high quality camping tents. From a small 2-person tent to a large 8-person tent, you can be assured of the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability. 

Are you worried about the rain? With Slumberjack tents, such should no longer be a problem because of its smart design that is geared towards the provision of the highest level of protection. The rain fly, constructed with taped seams, will provide you with the assurance that you will not get wet while you are inside. 

Are you worried about the hot weather? There is also no need to be worried. Many people loved this tent because of the comfort that it provides, even in spite of the heat outside. It comes with mesh walls, which have the excellent ability to maintain the right temperature, and hence, making the interior cool. 

Ozark Trail Tents 


Ozark Trail Tents
Ozark Trail tents are famous because of their large capacity, with models that can sleep up to 12 people. Nonetheless, even if a he group can be accommodated inside their tents, you can be assured that you will not be constrained with regards to space, as there is still room left to move.

To ensure the comfort of its users, the materials and design have been well-thought. For instance, it is made primarily with polyester. In addition, it is designed with several windows and a mesh roof. The latter allows sufficient supply of airflow inside the tent for proper ventilation. 

If it is raining, you do not have to be worried that the ground surface of the tent will be wet and muddy aside from the welded tub floor, it also comes with a mud mat that can be conveniently attached to the unit when it is needed. 


Eureka Tents 


Eureka Tents
One of the best choices from this brand is their Condo tent, which can accommodate up to 12 people. Aside from the two rooms with division, there is also screen room that can be used as an area for gathering, or can be converted into another sleeping area. 

The StormShield polyester fly, which is used in some models of the Eureka tents, has been commended in many reviews published in the past. This is waterproof, which does not only make the tent durable, but also increases the level of protection that is given to its users. Additionally, this also provides a good mechanism for UV protection. 

Inside the tents from Eureka, you can find a variety of functional features. For instance, there are tents with corner and wall organizer, as well as mirror. You can also see water bottle holders, gear organizers, flashlight loop, and clothes line loop, among others. 

Wenzel vs Coleman Tent

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